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Nuisance Odour Control Overview

Ozone has many major advantages over other methods of odour control.

Increasing pressure from Environmental Health officers and local residents is forcing manufacturers that utilise processes emitting odours to take steps to contain them within their plant boundaries. Although there are many possible solutions most are expensive or take up a large amount of space. Ozone on the other hand is relatively inexpensive and can frequently be installed with a minimum amount of plant alteration. As a result, it is becoming the solution of choice in many industries, especially those in the food industry such as abattoirs and ready meal production where ozone is often already in use as a disinfectant.

Ozone has the following advantages:-

It is fully automatic and requires no extra labour to use.
There are no daily consumables required.
Process can frequently utilise existing exhaust ducting.
It is compact and takes up little space.
It can turned on and off very quickly.
It is easy and quick to install.
It is relatively inexpensive when compared with other methods.
It has low running costs.
Several dispersed exhaust systems can be supplied from a central plant.
No toxic effluent considerations.

The Odour Control Broichure is not currently available for download.  Please contact us for further information.

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