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September 2011. Ozone Industries reaches new strategic alliance for its market-leading laundry disinfection system.

August 2011. Ozone Industries awarded major expansion of its odour abatement system at leading industrial facility in the Midlands.

April 2011. Ozone Industries awarded odour abatement contract for new Composting facility in Buckinghamshire.

March 2011. Ozone Industries doubles its production capability in Andover, Hampshire.

April 2010 : Ozone Industries to Exhibit at the ISSA Interclean Exhibition April 26-29th Stand 09:116

April 2010
Ozone Industries Ltd to launch Sanitary Vehicle Disinfection System at the April 2010 ISSA/ Interclean Exhibition in Amsterdam.

August 2009 : Ozone Industries launches the SEC ozone generator for the Aquarium market.

ISSA Interclean Show - 6th to 9th May 2008

Ozone Industries will be exhibiting at the ISSA Interclean Show which is being held from 6th to 9th May 2008 at the Amsterdam RAI.

May 2008: Launch of Air Sanitiser for the Healthcare Industry
Ozone Industries will be launching its new Air Sanitiser at the ISSA Interclean Exhibition held at the RAI Exhibition centre Amsterdam in May 2008.

The new Air Sanitiser has been developed to complement the existing surface sanitisers marketed by the Healthcare Industry.

Our Air Sanitiser utilises these natural products and reactions to produce a powerful and environmentally friendly solution.

March 2008: Ozone signs with leading European washroom services supplier
Ozone Industries, the leading Ozone generator company in the washroom/ healthcare industry, has been awarded the contract to supply its generators to one of Europe’s leading players.

For the OEM market, Ozone Industries has developed a range of unique products and features to suit the individual requirements of its customers. The award of this contract is an important part of the company’s strategy of expanding OEM sales into the European market.

December 2007: Ozone Industries granted new patent for ozone generator control
Staying at the cutting edge in the development of safe, environmentally-friendly, reliable and versatile ozone products, the Company has been granted a new patent for the control of ozone output from its generators utilising a unique timer control feature. This variability of control allows greater flexibility in the use of ozone generators and will be available in the next generation products to be launched during 2008.

April 2007: New major contract for odour control awarded at UK composting plant
Ozone Industries has been awarded its first contract to supply odour control equipment to composting facilities in the UK.

March 2007: Major industrial odour treatment contract awarded to Ozone Industries
The Company has been awarded a three year facilities management contract for odour control on the exhaust stacks of a major automotive manufacturing company in the Midlands.

The installation has been commissioned to directly replace an existing chemical dosing system. The decision to award the new contract was based on the overwhelming environmental benefits as well as operational advantages of using activated oxygen rather than potentially harmful chemicals to deal with odour abatement in a manufacturing environment.

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