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The new solution for Laundries

For many years ozone (O3) has been a key element in water treatment and bottling, providing disinfection and purification. The use of ozone in commercial laundering is growing rapidly where studies confirm an over 99% bacterial and viral kill count making ozone a 150% more powerful and 3000 times faster than chlorine. At the same time ozone significantly lowers operating costs, reduces chemical usage, and leaves no residues - so it is kind to the environment too!

Ozone technology brings real benefits to the Commercial Laundry

Benefits of a Ozone Laundry System
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Dramatically reduces hot water usage
Reduces chemical usage
Environmentally friendly
Thoroughly disinfects the wash water
Increases whiteness and improves fabric quality
Reduces drying time
Improves environment for laundry workers
Extends life of linen
Reduces incidence of bed sores