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Ozone is the ideal way of eliminating grow room odours.
All grow rooms produce bad odours because of the warmth, humidity, the presence of vegetation and lack of air circulation. Because of the need to maintain temperature it is not practical to flush out the bad odours by increasing the numbers of air changes. The use of artificial chemical fragrances to mask the smell generally only makes matters worse. Ozone has been found to be highly successful in eliminating unwanted odour in rooms and provided the amount used is accurately controlled it is the ideal solution. Not only will it eliminate odour but it will also help reduce moulds and bacteria that may damage the plants. It has even been found to discourage insect infestations.

Odour Control inside the Grow Room
Effective odour control can be achieved in the grow room using any of the Airmaid 2300 range ozone generators or an ES215. The choice depends on the size of the room and the number of air changes. These are simple compact units that are easy to install and require very little power or maintenance.

Extract Duct Odour Control
If the grow room has an exhaust ventilation duct installed then the best way of eliminating odour emissions is to inject ozone into the duct using one of the ES range (ES215, ES550) of ozone generators which are much more energy efficient and reliable than in-duct devices which are difficult to maintain and expensive to run. The ozone is injected into the duct via a small bore plastic tube thereby avoiding major ductwork modifications and protecting the ozone generator from the harmful conditions to be found within the duct and ensuring that high performance and reliability are maintained.

Odour Control Outside the Grow Room
Outside the grow room, odour can also become a problem in the rest of the building and this is best solved using one of the Airmaid 2300 range (AM2304, AM2324) of ozone generators. All the units in this range have a fully adjustable output and are suitable for a fixed installation or portable use providing effective elimination of grow room, smoke and cooking odours.

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