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Ozone deals effectively with problem odours in hotels, restaurants and bars

Unpleasant odours in hotel rooms resulting from smoking, incontinence, vomiting, spillages, etc are a major problem and can prevent the sale of rooms and damage hard won reputations. Restaurants and bars can be similarly affected although their problems are more frequently with associated toilets and washrooms. Cooking smells finding their way out of kitchens can also prove to be a problem in all these establishments.

Due to energy conservation policies it is not always practical to flush out the bad odours by using higher numbers of air changes and the cleaning of soft furnishings impregnated with an odour generating substance can be very difficult. Artificial chemical fragrances can be used to mask the smell but these generally only makes matters worse especially in a badly affected facility.

Ozone has been found to be highly successful in eliminating the unwanted odours in rooms. An hotel room found to be unacceptable due to stale smoke or other cause can be given a short treatment using a portable ozone generator making it ready for immediate re-occupancy. Such treatments can be conducted by unskilled staff, as part of the daily routine, bringing all rooms up to a common quality standard.

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