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"The best hotels are those that make the guest feel as if he or
she are unique and special."

It is therefore vital that bedrooms and conference rooms do not retain stale odours of smoke, food and drink,
or the previous occupants.  Up until recently such smells have been difficult to shift and 'masking' using
fragrances has only compounded the problem.  But now there is a Natural Solution.

Ozone, sometimes known as 'activated oxygen', is probably the most powerful and effective natural cleaning agent known to man.  It reproduces the freshness of the outdoors by destroying the bacteria that causes odour. And because ozone quickly and safely reverts back to oxygen it leaves behind no harmful residues.

Our range of portable ozone generators has been specifically designed for hotels and conference facilities. Perfect for moving from room to room they are a key part of a complete cleaning regime, ensuring a natural freshness and no lingering smells.

Which means that your next
guest will always feel as if they are your first

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