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Healthcare Overview

Ozone deals effectively with problem odours in hospitals, nursing and care homes

Unpleasant odours are a common problem in establishments caring for sick and/or elderly people.
They discourage visitors, damage the reputation of the establishment, lead to unnecessary stress for visitors, residents and staff and increase the cleaning costs. The causes of the offensive odours range from repeated incontinence and vomiting (making soft furnishings difficult to clean effectively) to inadequate personal hygiene and poor ventilation.

Due to energy conservation policies and the need to keep frail people warm, especially in winter, it is not usually practical to flush out the bad odours by using higher numbers of air changes. Artificial chemical fragrances can be used to mask the smell but this generally only makes matters worse especially in a badly affected facility.

Ozone has been found to be highly successful in eliminating these unwanted odours in hospitals, nursing and care homes and provided the amount used is accurately controlled it is the ideal solution. Not only will it eliminate odours but it will also help reduce the moulds and bacteria that may exacerbate the odour problem. Fixed or portable ozone generators can be employed on an ongoing or as required basis to deal with problems making rooms smell fresh and pleasant for all users.

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