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Ozone has many major advantages over traditional methods of disinfection.

There are increasing demands within the food industry for higher standards of control of the microbiological organisms found in food production and storage areas to meet consumer expectations. This coupled with the withdrawal of many of the traditional disinfectant chemicals as a result of the European Biocidal Products Directive has lead to a large increase in the use of ozone as a terminal disinfectant.

Ozone has the following advantages:-

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Highly effective against common bacteria such as E. Coli and Listeria.
Highly effective against moulds and yeasts.
Regular use improves quality and reduces wastage increasing profitability.
It is fully automatic and requires no extra labour to use.
There are no daily consumables required.
Process can be used daily to maximise disinfection.
Being gaseous it reaches all parts of the room being disinfected.
It is just as effective underneath and on the sides of a surface as on the top.
It decays into natural oxygen after the disinfection process leaving no toxic residues.
Product does not need to be removed from the room.
Does not damage food machinery.
The use of ozone is not affected by the Biocidal Products Directive.
Ozone can be used continuously with the right controls .
Ozone can be used in packaging.
No toxic effluent considerations.
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