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The easy, natural way to remove the odours caused by fire & flood
damage from carpets, clothing, fabrics and furniture.

Removing the odour of fire or flood damage from materials has never been an easy task.  But using ozone makes it simple. Ozone, sometimes known as 'activated oxygen', is probably the most powerful and effective natural cleaning agent known to man.

It removes odour by destroying the molecules that cause the smell - unlike the myriad of chemicals and wet foggers  that mask them with a scent or dissolve them into the material.  And because ozone quickly and safely reverts back to oxygen it leaves behind no harmful residues.

Application is easy too, either in-situ or away from the site.  Simply leave the ozone generator in a room for a few hours and the odour is eliminated.  No chemicals, no consumables, no mess, no problem.

So whether your business is in fire and flood restoration or as a dry cleaner who carries out remedial treatment of smoke damage, then ozone is the perfect solution.


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