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01264 369923
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Ozone Industries is a leading international provider of natural solutions to control odours and micro-organisms in air and water.

We are the number one supplier to the UK Hygiene industry, supplying over two thirds of all ozone generators used in washrooms, nursing homes, garbage rooms, hotels and hospital sluice rooms. As well as marketing under our own brand, we also develop specifically designed and branded OEM products for major service companies.

We supply the Hydroponics industry in most major European countries as well as in North America and Australasia.

Our expertise in solving odour and bacteria problems in food manufacturing, processing and packaging has yielded process improvements and cost reductions for our clients, and better product quality for their customers.

Our product development programme is committed to providing problem solving solutions to areas as diverse as general air and water quality in the home, to specific commercial problem sectors such as spas, waste disposal and ice-machines.

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